Delectable Delights with my Love

Australian Brekky RondevuI am one lucky girl! My hubs (Chris) and I have been married for 8 years (in a month), and aside from being handsome, charming, athletic, thoughtful, supportive, and incredibly loving, he is also the best cook that I know! Nearly every day of the past 8 years have been filled with delectable delights that he created/invented/modified (etc). When we were first married, he was a good cook who was able to make meals that were tasty, with occasional variation from traditional Midwest cuisine. For example, one of my favorite dinners he made was spinach and pine nut pasta. Neither of us recalls many cooked greens or nuts being incorporated in many meals growing up. It was both novel and delicious at the time!

What has always made Chris such a great cook is that he has never been inhibited by a complex recipe or idea and loves to experiment. Naturally, anytime we would go out to eat, we would find a taste we liked and he would try to recreate it at home. In our early years of marriage, we discovered the flavors of Vietnamese pho and intricacy of Indian spices, not to mention my intense love of good, fresh mangos. We would drink a mango lassi whenever we could get our hands on one! We moved from the Midwest to New York City for 4 years and Chris’s culinary expertise went to an entire new level. Easy access to grocery stores like Whole Foods, Trader Joes, Fairway and Fresh Direct, in addition to the markets in Chinatown, the Union Square Farmer’s Market, and local CSA that we were a part of, there were literally no limits on any ingredients. My sister Kim moved to the city at the same time and we made a rule of never eating at the same place twice since so many options were at our fingertips. We didn’t quite adhere to our rule, but we feasted on many culinary genres that were hole-in-the-wall venues to restaurants that had month long waiting lists. Chris and a few of his co-workers started “The Finer Things Club,” which consisted of a group of guys who all loved cooking and eating.

Chris and I moved to Michigan a couple years ago. We don’t have the access to food as we did previously, but his cooking has gotten so good that he is able to substitute ingredients or make modifications that would be better than any original recipe. In his leisure time, he enjoys reading cookbooks, and making meals that blow my mind. Sometimes I will literally applaud and cheer while eating because it’s that good. It feels like somewhat of a crime not to have historical record of all the amazing things that he creates because most of the time he makes it up as he goes. I often ask him to make it again, but it’s hard to remember exactly what was done. This blog is intended to be a record of the food art that Chris invents with hopes that we will eat it again. Cheers!

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